Night of the Living Vidiots: the comic collection


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You might have missed out on the Successful Kickstarter but it's not to late to GET your own copy of Night of the Living Vidiots.

Sci-fi, horror, and comedy melted together and topped with a Twilight Zone twist. Darkly funny tales featuring mad science, gothic anime, TV zombies, kaiju, giant robots, monsters from the deep, and even a haunted sweatshirt.

128 pg FULL COLOR graphic novel collecting tales of macabre humor written & drawn by Andy Ristaino, Adventure Time designer & boarder.

anthology includes the following stories:

- Night of the Living Vidiots
- Life’s a Drag
- Frothy Beveraged Man
- Corporation Earth Needs Your Help!
- Mangfish
- The Secret Origin of Dr. Mario Bandini
- Mang I Have This Dance
-Life’s a Gas
-The All-New Adventures of Death Shirt

( you can also order a high quality digital version of the book here: )

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